Lesson from Formula 1: Investors can strive for success on a different kind of track

22 September 2023

James Cheo, chief investment officer for Southeast Asia at HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth, explains that winning a Formula 1 race is more than just chasing speed and performance. Managing risk in F1 is paramount – as in investing, as both must evaluate the potential rewards against the likelihood of negative outcomes.

HSBC Indonesia extends $20 million Green Term Loan to Indo-Rama Synthetics

18 September 2023

HSBC Indonesia has announced the disbursement of a green term loan of US$20 million to Indo-Rama Synthetics, a publicly traded company in Indonesia specialising in integrated production of spun yarn and polyester, and a subsidiary of Indorama Corporation Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

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HSBC Indonesia Introduces a Series of Convenience Special Services for International Travel

3 August 2023

During the HSBC-ANA Travel Fair, HSBC Premier customers can take advantage of a number of privileges, such as booking tickets, travel support services, and accommodations, as well as benefit transactions in the destination country.

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22 Sep 2023 Lesson from Formula 1: Investors can strive for success on a different kind of track

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