6 Nov 2018 After successful implementation of financial literacy Education program for elementary students, HSBC & PJI’s edutech “Anak Cerdas” is now available inclusively English PDF 144.65 KB

From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Made for China’: Global businesses prioritise quality products, partnerships and millennials as key to driving China sales English PDF 181.26 KB

1 Nov 2018 2018 Resilience of Indonesian Firms Towards Global Trade Tensions English PDF 127.16 KB


18 Oct 2018 All Nippon Airways and HSBC hold “HSBC-ANA Business Class Seat Showcase & Travel Fair English PDF 540.38 KB

11 Oct 2018 BKPM-HSBC Infrastructure Forum engages investors and private sectors to take role in contributing to the National Infrastructure Development English PDF 158.05 KB

BKPM-HSBC Infrastructure Forum Support the National Infrastructure English PDF 167.73 KB

3 Oct 2018 In The Momentum of IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2018, BKPM - HSBC Encourages The Nation’s Development Through The Event of Infrastructure Forum English PDF 359.38 KB


18 Sep 2018 Are ASEAN Supply Chains Vulnerable to Lag in Adoption of ESG By Asian Corporates English PDF 190.55 KB

17 Sep 2018 Indonesia's Strategic Efforts in Attracting Investment for Infrastructure Development English PDF 201.50 KB


12 Aug 2018 HSBC Indonesia Wins Award as Best Wealth Manager in Indonesia English PDF 135.51 KB

10 Aug 2018 HSBC leads in playing a critical role in sustainable finance to enable the transition to a low-carbon economy English PDF 501.38 KB


9 Apr 2018 Prepare Millenials to Face Disruption Technology in the Business World English PDF 311.82 KB


7 Dec 2017 2018 Indonesian Economic and Financial Sector Outlook: Keeping Momentum for Productive Investment to Maintain Economic Growth and Stability English PDF 241.24 KB


27 Nov 2017 Indonesia 2045: Banking Industry Trend English PDF 183.62 KB

23 Nov 2017 Empowering Fishermen Spouses Through Financial Education, Supporting Greater Welfare of Local Wakatobi Community English PDF 387.85 KB

20 Nov 2017 Targeting 175 Billions Transaction, Garuda Indonesia Partnered with Bank HSBC to Conduct Online Travel Fair English PDF 317.59 KB

14 Nov 2017 HSBC Wealth & Beyond 2017: Savings and deposits no longer sufficient for today's strategic financial planning English PDF 342.93 KB


24 Oct 2017 Prioritizing Health and Family Stability, Majority of Indonesians are Willing to Sacrifice their own Ambitions English PDF 420.16 KB

2 Oct 2017 HSBC introduces “Coffee Month” Program to support local potential and celebrate the urban productive life style English PDF 343.90 KB


29 Sep 2017 HSBC supports sustainable economy through environmental conservation English PDF 352.94 KB

13 Sep 2017 HSBC and PSF Educate Financial Lecturer to Support Economic Growth in Eastern Indonesia English PDF 440.52 KB


22 Aug 2017 Education increasingly determines the future, Indonesian parents to spend approximately Rp 239 million for funding children’s education from primary to bachelor’s degree (S1) English PDF 226.05 KB

9 Aug 2017 HSBC for Indonesian Community English PDF 180.16 KB

7 Aug 2017 PT Bank HSBC Indonesia Reaches out to wider public for a Globalized Archipelago English PDF 343.23 KB


20 Jul 2017 PSF-HSBC Aim to Create More Modern Banking Specialists, Support Financial Deepening English PDF 253.06 KB


21 Jun 2017 Millennial: Facing retirement period as early as possible English PDF 140.73 KB

12 Jun 2017 Rumah Zakat and PT. Bank HSBC Indonesia Empower Villages in 7 Locations English PDF 212.07 KB


22 May 2017 Belt and Road Initiatives to Further Bolster Indonesia and China Economic Cooperation English PDF 164.29 KB

15 May 2017 Supporting growth of Financial and Banking Sectors through research English PDF 297.35 KB

9 May 2017 HSBC strengthens Indonesia offering to capture new opportunities English PDF 129.85 KB


29 Apr 2017 Empowering Sukoharjo Agricultural Microfinance Institutions to Encourage Farmer’s Business English PDF 395.36 KB

3 Apr 2017 HSBC and PSF Seek Potential Millennial Leaders to Represent Indonesia in HSBC Business Case Competition in Hong Kong English PDF 332.23 KB


1 Mar 2017 HSBC calls for the importance of long term financial protection amidst low awareness English PDF 319.73 KB


22 Jan 2017 SOIna and HSBC to Build Independence of Mentally Disabled Athletes for Equality and Better Future English PDF 178.72 KB

12 Jan 2017 British Council – HSBC Prepares Indonesian Young Generation English PDF 224.90 KB


30 Nov 2016 Economic Exposure 2017: Waiting for the New Balance of Global Economy English PDF 324.27 KB

29 Nov 2016 Through ALFED, HSBC and PSF Motivate Financial and Banking Education in Regions English PDF 237.79 KB


21 Sep 2016 HSBC Platinum Cashback Card, Presents #SelaluLebih Anytime Anywhere for the Millennium Generation! English PDF 208.75 KB

15 Sep 2016 HSBC Value of Education Job with High Earning Potential is Indonesian Parents’ Orientation when Preparing Child Education English PDF 209.63 KB

HSBC Value of Education 2016: Indonesian Parents Aspiring after Medical School, Overseas Study to Ensure Child’s Future English PDF 219.58 KB


20 Jul 2016 HSBC Indonesia Supports Tax Amnesty Program and will Participate as Perception Bank English PDF 69.09 KB


19 May 2016 HSBC Advance Home Ownership Plan, When Possessing Dream Homes Gets Easier English PDF 300.36 KB

18 May 2016 Supporting National Economic Empowerment, PSF and HSBC Intensify Banking and Financial Education Program English PDF 374.37 KB

14 May 2016 British Council-HSBC Partnership Underscores the Importance of Parent-Teacher synergy in Fostering Child Reading Interest English PDF 211.51 KB

13 May 2016 HSBC Economic Outlook 2016: Indonesia’s economy starts to see green shoots English PDF 379.14 KB

9 May 2016 RCEP deal to help drive trade growth in Asia, HSBC says English PDF 159.03 KB


23 Apr 2016 HSBC Business Case Competition Builds Indonesian Youth Competence in Global Stage English PDF 244.35 KB

12 Apr 2016 HSBC Wealth & Beyond Personal Economy Forum 2016 English PDF 307.68 KB


23 Mar 2016 WWF & HSBC Officiate Water Education Laboratory English PDF 370.01 KB

18 Mar 2016 Indonesian women most nurturing in helping others grow English PDF 294.71 KB

11 Mar 2016 British Council Foundation Indonesia & HSBC Held Kids Read Programme in Bandung English PDF 202.54 KB

7 Mar 2016 Health woes cloud retirement prospects for women English PDF 63.10 KB

2 Mar 2016 Putera Sampoerna Foundation and HSBC Support the MSME Business Development in Bogor English PDF 309.12 KB

1 Mar 2016 Wahana Visi Indonesia and HSBC Initiate Pos PINTAR Project in Three Cities, Jakarta, Pontianak and Surabaya English PDF 284.01 KB


28 Jan 2016 HSBC’s #StartSekarang, Encouraging Customers to immediately take smart steps to actualize aspirations English PDF 202.34 KB

27 Jan 2016 HSBC advises Indonesian firms how to handle energy price squeeze English PDF 275.83 KB

23 Jan 2016 British Council Indonesia Foundation - HSBC Successfully Held KidsRead 2015 Programme English PDF 236.85 KB

12 Jan 2016 FinanceAsia names HSBC Bank of the Year for 2015 English PDF 278.50 KB

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15 April 2019

HSBC economists have cut their 2019 global growth forecast from 2.6 per cent to 2.4 per cent.

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